Guides and Ideas for Events

Based on our event experience in Harlow for the technical side of events we have compiled some guides and ideas to make events successful

stage conductor video relay

Stage Relay Video Link

Video links used on stage provide a visual link for performers to see conductors, stage managers to see stage conditions and provide a way to cue remotely.

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Example of ultraviolet (blacklight) lighting and fluorescein fluorescent materials

Halloween Hire Ideas

Halloween Equipment Hire Ideas Local to Harlow If you’re looking for halloween equipment and ideas we have some great equipment and suggestions for hire and

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Audience and Room Size

Audiences and Room sizes for events, bigger isn’t always better! We cannot stress enough that audience size matters! We have all been to a presentation

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venue access for events

Venue Access

Venue Access and getting equipment onsite. In an ideal situation to be able to load equipment in from a car park right to the location

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Guides and how to

Guides to Making your Event a Success This section has been created to try and answer questions commonly experienced in the industry.  Views are our

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