Guides and Ideas for Events

Based on our event experience in Harlow for the technical side of events we have compiled some guides and ideas to make events successful

Stage Relay Video Link

stage conductor video relay

Video links used on stage provide a visual link for performers to see conductors, stage managers to see stage conditions and provide a way to cue remotely.

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Halloween Hire Ideas

Example of ultraviolet (blacklight) lighting and fluorescein fluorescent materials

Halloween Equipment Hire Ideas Local to Harlow If you’re looking for halloween equipment and ideas we have some great equipment and suggestions for hire and rentals.  Don’t forget these are just to give you some ideas.  If you have any specific requirements such as sound effects playback, projection of images […]

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AV Hire Solutions & Ideas

TV and lighting hire Exhibition

Corporate Production Ideas & Previous Examples When looking to put on a local corporate event, you need a local company who can offer AV equipment hire.  Not only to setup and operate, but to be on call for any unexpected additions or emergencies for dry hires or where we have […]

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Speaker & PA Hire Systems

Portable Dressage PA Speakers

Speaker and PA Hire in Essex For Indoor /Outdoor Events, Mini Festivals, Town Shows, Bands When hiring speakers the term you may often hear is PA Hire as well.  Public Address systems are traditionally given to the likes of car shows or village fetes.  Like all things there are many […]

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Audience and Room Size

Audiences and Room sizes for events, bigger isn’t always better! We cannot stress enough that audience size matters! We have all been to a presentation where we cannot see the screen, or it feels really crammed.  Your view is masked by a huge speaker right in front of you or […]

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Venue Access

venue access for events

Venue Access and getting equipment onsite. In an ideal situation to be able to load equipment in from a car park right to the location of set-up, or within 5m.  Unfortunately with many hotels lifts and stairs and extended corridors become an issue on more than one level.  This has […]

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Be Clear About Your Event

Being Clear About Your Event Holding an event can be for many reasons, to raise money, a celebration, inform audience or to sell something.   It is important to ensure that the style, audio visual and venue match the mood of the kind of event, for example a high technology […]

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Guides and how to

Guides to Making your Event a Success This section has been created to try and answer questions commonly experienced in the industry.  Views are our own based on experience and qualifications and should be taken as guidance however not to be used a critical situation and provided as a reference […]

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Bespoke v’s Venue Fitted

setup comparison set and stage vs in house

Do I need a production company if the hotel already has inhouse AV systems? Just because a venue says they have everything in house should not be the deal breaker for your event.  Often the equipment supplied is far from service able and why restrict your event to fit what the […]

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