Building Futures Award - Knebworth Technical Production Services

Held bi yearly, Hertfordshire council recognises the companies involved in building and maintaining some of the major landmarks in the Hertfordshire region.

We worked with the designers to establish the kind of setup and feel for the evening proceedings, incorporating providing value for money solutions, matching colour schemes and providing useful solutions to enable the presenters to read their notes from the lectern without needing to turn around, and providing a colour theme using light saving huge costs associated with decorating the venue, adding to an environmental saving too!

The awards were held at Knebworth barns on the Knebworth estate and provided a fun night celebrating for over 200 members of the building community. A special thank you was given from the council congratulating us on it being the smoothest event they’ve run mainly because of our on the ball attitude and suggestions throughout the process.

For this event we provided the following:

  • Pre Production work in planning, themes, spacing
  • Stage, set and screen panels
  • Room uplighting, stage lighting and awards lights.
  • Video projection, with a lectern comfort monitor
  • Video playback machines with micro cue presenter clickers
  • Full sound system with radio microphones, speakers, and awards stings.
  • Crew for the build, award, and dismantle

Below are some pictures of the night.

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