Ethersound ES168SB digital stage box

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Ether sound Stage box used with the Yamaha LS9-32 for a digital snake solution over CAT5

The SB168-ES is an affordable 3U-size stage box that utilizes EtherSound technology to propagate digital sound signals. When connected to popular all-in-one digital consoles like the PM5D, LS9, or M7CL, the SB168-ES offers superb support for live sound. 16 channels of sonically-superb remote analog input — each with its own head amp — combine with 8 channels of analog output to let you chain multiple units in sequence for simultaneous use. The SB168-ES also functions as both as a conventional EtherSound device — an analog input-output box. Compared to a conventional analog console + analog multicore the SB168-ES is noise resistant, and lets you boost quality by keeping the length of microphone cables as short as possible. Even more, the SB168-ES is easy to set up, so that any time, effort, or money needed for equipment installation are significantly reduced.


Link to Yamaha page for download and information

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Category: Mixing desk

Rent or hire An industry standard flagship digital mixing desk easily operated and understood by all sound engineers in Harlow Essex, the perfect desk for a conference with multiple radio microphones. As comfortable to operate for a live festival with bands and remote connection with the digital SB168-ES stage snake. 


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