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Help me what do I need to do? 

Ok so firstly putting on your event may seem a daunting process, however it can be stripped down into smaller more manageable chunks.  A big chunk that can be solved right now for you is the technical audio visual equipment, you've made the right move and have already found us! We're pretty confident that once we start talking you'll be instantly relieved knowing that we have your best interest at heart by ensuring that the event is a technical success.


I don't know how any of this equipment can be used for what I am doing!

Thats understandable, we don't pretend to know your business or do what you do, the kit we've put on these pages is a guide for people wanting to take the DIY or part knowledgeable solution for themselves.  We'll help you all the way in creating the best event and we even try and minimise the amount of jargon we use, to keep it simple and as stress free as possible.



Great, so now what? 

Well firstly we always recommend a FREE initial consultation which is an informal chat about your event, if your local we can pop in to see you or the space, and advise how we can help you create the event.  As long as we all get along and you like our ideas your event will be memorable for all the right reasons and as stress free as practically possible.  

Call us today and lets talk about how we can reduce your stress by managing the technical production of your upcoming event.

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