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When space is tight this projector is best

Optoma Ultra-short throw Projector EH319UST

Category: Projectors
Price: £144.00 (£120.00 + £24.00 tax)
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Project an impressive 100” image from just 55cm away! Designed for meeting rooms and classrooms.

A small quiet desktop projector suitable for most small training meetings in a classroom or office.  The short thrown lens means the projector doesn't need to be that far from the screen to create a big image unlike older projectors.  For example it can create a 100" image from under a metre away! 


Super bright 3500 ANSI Lumens but looks much brighter compared to a standard projector due to it being ultra short throw!

18,000:1 contrast ratio

Full HD 1080p resolution

Lens Ratio 0.25:1






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Price: £144.00 (£120.00 + £24.00 tax)

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