Restaurant and Bar Sound, Lighting Installation

Sound systems and lighting rigs vary considerably on the installation.  Speaker sizes and function are an important consideration in selecting the right system for a bar or restaurant.  There is also a huge difference in installations looking at a background music system in comparison to live sound system for DJ’s and bands to plug into.  Each of our systems is designed to balance the value of the system, it’s looks and sizes, the purpose why it’s being installed and what kind of controls and inputs are required.

Installing lighting into a restaurant, bar or club again depends on the purpose and required feel,  the main difference being for mood lighting where subtle LED colour panels or strips are used to wash areas, pick up and highlight elements such as optic shelves or DJ area.  Other lighting can be considered as direct entertainment, moving lights for dancefloors, stage lights to light bands on a stage or comedy corner.  It is important to consider what each element does to ensure it’s fit and functional for the purpose.  The number of restaurants we have installed systems for having designed them perfectly to the request of the owner for background ambient music, then several months later we get a call as the system is failing or there are errors.  In one instance the owner was treating the system like a club speaker system expecting it to sound like a festival.  

Commercial Installations Include, but not exhaustive to

  • Zone mixing for Bars, Gyms and other areas where different sound levels are required
  • Commercial and Consumer internal and External TVs and Projector systems 
  • Dedicated PA speaker systems for background or live use with system controllers and protection
  • Mood lighting, moving lighting and controller systems 
  • HDMI video distribution across sites
  • Network audio 
  • Boardroom TV and Projection systems for video conferencing


Installation Pictures