It can be a struggle in arranging an event especially if it is your first. Having been involved in some very large events either providing all technical production or part production you can rest assured that we can scale up and down as necessary.


Choosing the correct space is crucial for the event in both impact, relevance and facilitates.  Venue sizes we have worked in range from aircraft hangers with exhibitions, marquees through to board rooms all requiring suitable consideration for what is happening this ranges from power supplying in exhibition halls and background public address systems large stages with lighting through to a small audio evidence recording in a board room meeting.

Our services can provide you contacts for portable bathroom facilities, marquees, temporary floors and road surfaces, even down to overlooked items such as fire extinguishers, emergency lighting and exit signs.


For events involving many participants it may be important to have crowd control, either in the form of fencing, or security with attendance systems for registration, this can lead onto legal limits to spaces and the need for services such as toilet numbers, number of exits and marshals may need to be considered.   It’s helpful to include this in risk assessments to minimise the potential issues.  


Our main event area is technical production, this includes providing and designing set panels, stages, lighting of stages, special areas such as car displays or catwalks, sound systems for background music playback, main speakers sound for reinforcement in a large room, in addition we provide emergency public address systems. We can work with large format displays from plasma TVs on stands, projection systems including set mapping.  For large display needs we work with LED video wall suppliers able to offer curved indoor and outdoor screens.  

If you have any questions or are interested in having a chat about our experience in events please do get in touch via the contact page.  We’ll respond as soon as possible and can within reason attend the first site visit for free.