Athletics & Running Track sound system

When originally contacted by the customer we were asked to repair a broken aerial for their Athletics track sound system, when we arrived we found a very neglected system.  After speaking about the system and possible improvements we learned the system was actually requiring a whole lot more as the radio microphones didn’t have the range and the system was forever being messed around with. The customer’s main issues were that that the aerials were easily damaged in their current position, the range wasn’t great and there were dropouts of the sound around the pitch, and that the system would always need to be tested before a race in event somebody had unplugged wires. 

Previous Installation

Understanding the problems and issues faced we checked what parts of the systems were usable and functional and propose an alternative improvement.  The installation was for a council so we opted to keep the working items and work on addressing the concerns, Keeping the multichannel amplifier we added a new radio microphone system, and housed everything in a lockable wall mounted rack unit.  For the aerials we fitted a direction Yagi aerial to give us good coverage for the concourse coverage, and an omni to pick up the rest of the running track.  Due to power restrictions on site the site container where all equipment was situated was tucked in a corner of the field therefore the aerial combination worked perfectly.  We repositioned the aerials to be out of simple reach as a basic form of protection.  Once reconfigured the whole system give reassurance that the unit can be locked and know nothing has been adjusted past the level knobs on the front.  The new radio equipment provided the range and resolved the connection issues the previous system suffered with. 

New Installation