Through Glass and Perspex Communication Sound Systems

There was a time when reception desks were open and speech could be clearly heard.  Today we’re faced with perspex and glass screens providing a separation of space, not for security but to prevent virus transmission.  

Suddenly the clear transparent speech we once had has now been replaced by a muffle and hard to hear, ambient volumes have risen to try and be clearer yet are still muffled. Installing a speech communication system is a simple easy addition to a security screen and will enable both hearing and induction loop users a benefit of clarity and safety.

Through glass hearing induction loop installation with robust speakers outside and microphone

Bridging The Audio Gap Electronically

With many different style and size systems available we’re able to add quickly a bridge of sound between customer and staff member, safely without risk or virus transmission through glass and perspex.

Safe Install

Systems can be installed into safe secure sites only requiring a small hole (less than 10mm) which can be sealed to prevent air movement.

Quick Deployment

Because most systems are installed at a reception desk already with power, the systems require 1 plug socket to operate, and can be fixed to wooden, and metal worktops.  Microphones fix to glass surfaces with VHB adhesives 

Equality Act Friendly

Through glass communication systems once installed can provide 2 means of optional assistive needs. 1) by fitting an induction loop which can easily be done to the brands and models we fit. 2)provide standard amplification through use of microphones and speakers

Secure & Robust

All of our system designs and installations are based on when these systems were used in banks and secure cash desks.  They’re robust and often outlast the glass panels! 

The systems can be turned off from the staff side for security purposes when taking phone calls or discussing private information.


Multiple applications & Safe Installations

Through glass communication systems can be fitted to many different size and shape reception desk and counter, get in touch using the below contact details to arrange and discuss installing such system.  Our installers all carry CSCS cards for site works.