Antari Low fog machine ICE101

Low fog machine rental Essex

Uses conventional fluid

Cooled by standard ice cubes

DMX and remote control

Price & Availability


A professional unit for creating “low fog”: the Antari Ice. Featuring a fogger and cooler in one single unit. Ideal for dancefloors, theatres etc.

Supplied with a minimum of 1/4 level of smoke fluid

safer and easier to use than dry ice or Co2 pea soupers, this effect will fill a stage with floor hugging low lying fog.

Output: 8000 Cubic feet/minute
Tank capacity: 2.5 L
Heater: 1040 W
Dimensions: 617 x 355 x 359 mm
Net weight: 24,4 kg

You will need to fill the machine with 2-3 bags of ice cubes to cool the ice down.  The ice will melt depending on how much the effect is used.


Hire Catalogue Update August 2020-  Disregard prices and quantities during update.  Please contact us for hires, quantity and price enquiries.

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