showtec s150 snow machine

self contained snow machine rental.

Simple remote and DMX control

Price & Availability


Showtec snow machine rental available for seasonal events outdoors and inside.  Generates very fine foam which looks and falls like snow.

Power consumption: 900 W (Min Output) , 1150 W (Max Output)
Output: 200 ml / min
Tank capacity: 5 liter
Accessory (Incl): Hanging Bracket & SC-2 remote
Weight: 11.5 Kg
Dimensions (mm): L 505 W 276 H 280
DMX: 1Ch

Supplied without fluid, we can fill the internal tank for a cost of £10, additionally we can supply in 5L containers.

The internal tank will last a couple of minutes on full snow effect.


Please be aware that these generate a fair noise as there are powerful fans inside and would be better suited to outdoor staged events due to the slippery nature of the foam residue.

Hire Catalogue Update August 2020-  Disregard prices and quantities during update.  Please contact us for hires, quantity and price enquiries.

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