AKG C562BL microphone

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A great microphone for interview recording and picking up stage sounds.

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The AKG Model C 562 BL condenser microphone is designed for boundary layer mounting in environments where a natural sound balance exists at one or more wall or floor boundaries. Primary applications include front-of-stage floor mounting, where proscenium and stage shell reflections often provide an accurate “mix” of all musical details, suitable for recording. Another primary application is as a table mounted microphone for picking up conversations from all directions, with none of the reflections, and consequent comb filtering, that plague microphones mounted on desk stands. In its role as a “half space” mounted microphone, its sensitivity is 6 dB greater than if it were placed in free space. Its balance between mid-frequency and low-frequency response is directly related to the boundary perimeter. If it is used on a temporary boundary, that boundary should have a perimeter of 20 feet (6 meters) if smooth response is to be ensured down to the lowest frequencies. The extremely small diameter of the entrance to the electret transducer ensures that the difference between on-axis and off-axis frequency balance will be virtually zero. That is, sounds arriving from all angles will maintain their spectral integrity.

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