Maintenance of many forms of AV systems, from hearing induction loops, to school drama lighting rigs locally.  Background music for bars shops and restaurants. Projector maintenance in boardrooms and offices.  We cover Essex, Hertfordshire and Greater London

100V music speakers horn

100V Arena PA Repairs

100V Horn Arena Speakers and Race Sound Systems Repair and Servicing Essex & Hertfordshire Outdoor 100V speaker horn systems as seen at stadiums, track and

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Removing dust from installed AV system

Electronics Repair

We repair many forms of musical electronics often for local schools and musicians.

Our service includes repairs, servicing and modification including fixing broken knobs, replacing speakers or repairing blown equipment

This includes:

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PAT test green sticker on theatre light

Portable Appliance Testing

Testing of in-service electrical equipment despite not being required by law, is often good practice and several regulations including the Health and Safety at work act 1974 and the Provision of Use of work equipment suggest equipment should be maintained in a satisfactory and orderly manner.

Testing is carried out in mainly two ways, visual, and combined electrical and visual test.

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induction certificate

Hearing Induction loop maintenance

Hearing induction loops often invisible to the eye provide specific isolated audio for users.

Hearing induction loop maintenance consists of a certificated to the standard 60118-4, using an ampetronic loop works test device which ensures correct levels and comprehensive recording of all values.

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