This summer saw us adding 20 of the Showtec LED batterns into a back drop and linked with our avolites mobile titan managed to programme a spectacular light display for a recent private school battle of the bands.  Google photos did a great job collaborating some of the clips filmed on the night and made the below collage. 

As well as shapes and patterns the batterns were also capable of text and so each school house name was scrolling.  The whole production was handled by us and we worked with the inhouse technician and music staff.  Our services included managing the sound, lighting, and also stage hand and a backline support tech to ensure amps were set correctly and able to handle any retuning on the fly.  Our mini line arrays were flown from our ground support winches and covered the 600 audience evenly and gave as good quality up front as it did at the back. All audio was transmitted and handled digitally with digital mixing desk and stage boxes, likewise all ligthing was handled between desk and stage via artnet.