CB Sound Video Light were proud to be asked by the Harlow Square to provide 4 of our Showtec Indigo 4500 moving LED fixtures.

The event held as part of the #Backtosquareone forms bands who performed at the music venue back when they were smaller and more used to the intimate environment the square offers as opposed to an Arena which is where many of the bands now play.  Dragon Force previously headlined the Harlow Square back in 2001 and as part of the closure of the Harlow based Music venue Dragon Force headlined on 22nd August 2015.  As this was a big arena band playing a small stage extra lighting was hired by us to the Square and provided audience fans and lighting to match the speed metal style.  Programmed and operated by the technicians at the square we provided support for their programming using Chamsys systems, the lights can be seen in the below pictures providing the pure white beams.  Showing their brightness the lights are able to be clearly seen with the onstage rig of 1kw par cans and provide a crisp light with well focused optics. 

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Dragon force harlow squareMoving lights hire to harlow music venue