Primary School Hall Sound System Upgrade

A common sight in Primary school sound and PA system installations into their main hall is that they are very fragmented.  Having had bits added year over year, a new teacher starts who knows a little, adds something, they leave people don’t understand things and it causes all sorts of problems.  This school was no different.  The system was falling apart with speakers failing, radio microphones were no longer working properly and as such the system was becoming more of a hindrance to operate than provide beneficial usage.  The school had a tight budget to meet and wanted future expandability.

Previous School Hall Sound System Installation

A new system was proposed to provide a complete “AV” hub incorporating both a new sound system and computer which connects to the hall projector.  The fully enclosed system enables the front door to be closed and locked making it robust enough for when the hall is externally hired to avoid damage.  All cables are installed behind panels preventing any accidental unplugging.  Sufficient inputs are provided for Ipod and extra wired microphones that enable the system to remain safe and tamper free. The school wanted a really simple mixer system which meant any staff member could use it, and even pupils without worrying or damaging the system. The main brand we chose was Ecler, a high end installation brand providing fantastic quality in terms of sound, aesthetics and function. For this installation we used an Ecler mixer, Amplifier and Speakers.

The speakers of choice were placed in all four corners to enable the school to switch between front/ back/ all speakers to cover the usage of the hall and provide flexibility of layout.  The speakers are incredibly small with only 8″ drivers however provide a tremendous loud and clear sound reproduction ideal for schools. 

New School Hall Install, Neat & Tidy