Installation of Acoustic Treatment, reducing Echo in meeting room - Making it Easier to Hear

Our customer approached us first to ask about installation of a hearing induction loop for their main meeting room.  They were experiencing complaints from both hearing aid users and non aid users.  Upon carrying out a site visit we experienced an incredibly acoustically live room.  If you imagine how much echo and reverberation you hear in a fully tiled bathroom, then this was pretty similar to this meeting room.  A modern design room featuring polished concrete walls, floors and ceiling, with a full width glass window to two sides the room suffered with many hard surfaces where sound simply bounced around.  Even with two people in it was impossible to hold an intelligible conversation from one side to the other.  

Our recommendation came in two forms.  The first would benefit all users and was to install some acoustic absorbing panels hung from the ceiling at optimum heights to reduce both direct and indirect acoustic waves.  The second recommendation was to install wall panels and a hearing induction loop if needed, however we explained the options and limitations of the system.

Once we had proposed a panel system and provided the plans and material samples the installation went ahead.  Less than half a day later the room was radically transformed offering clarity and precise speech from one side to the other.

The system was deemed so successful after the first meeting that it was decided that further treatment was unnecessary as they had received compliments from everybody.

This installation shows you that despite what was first thought to be the right installation which would have only benefited a limited number, actually resulted in a different solution improving the ambient quality for everybody.

Installed Solution