Hikvision Thermal Screening pods DS-K5604A-3XF/V Hire / Buy

When monitoring audience temperatures in large quantities you want something straightforward, simple and easy to operate.  The Hikvision thermal screening pod provides a super fast (<0.2seconds) forehead temperature reading and provides a simple green or red with audible warning sound for the outcome of predefined temperature range.

Mask Detection & Facial Recognition

The Hikvision system once installed can provide facial recognition with outputs to control door access control systems if necessary for installed options.

A clever mask detection feature can be enabled and will warn a user that they should be wearing their mask.

Simple operation & Setup

From unpacking, the system takes less than half an hour to become fully operational. For hires the systems can easily be situated close to reception desks freestanding and only requiring a 13A socket.

During operation 100% contact free operation is maintained as the system automatically identifies a face and will give instructions to remove hats/ hair so a clear forehead temperature can be read.  This can then flag up to registration / reception staff if an increase in temperature of a delegate is observed.  The system is self calibrating and requires no special skills to operate.

Image shows automatic temperature measurement taken and has passed
Hik vision face temperature too high warning
A self contained thermal imaging pod to read face head temperatures and give a go/ no go indication


•Ultra Face Recognition Terminals

•Plug & play, simple software set-up

•Temperature measuring range: 30 °C to 45 °C 

•Recognition distance: 0.3 to 2 m

•Face recognition duration < 0.2 s/User

•Face mask wearing alert and forced mask wearing alert

•Displays temperature results on authentication

•Voice prompt will be triggered and door status (open/close) 

can be configured when detecting abnormal temperature

•Can also be used as facial recognition access control

•Hikvision, world leaders in CCTV & Access control panels

Link to Manufacturers datasheet 

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