Wedding Venue Barn Sound System

A well designed PA system used in wedding venues should be easy to operate by all staff, be discrete and provide ample quality and volume for announcements as well as ceremony music and background music for dinner.

Our installation experience lets us choose speakers to match your barn or wedding hall in a multitude of colour and sizes.  We have ranges of outdoor systems which is ideal for barns and courtyards where there are outside areas of entertaining.

Systems are designed to be robust and protected to avoid DIY modifications ensuring the system is always ready to operate.  Playback systems can be provided via USB playback, CD ipod or mini jack input as well as media playback units for ample playback options.  We can supply radio microphones as well as wired microphones for pre setup areas.  

Zone mixers are a popular choice allowing venues to have different levels and even sources of music in each area adding to the flexability of the system and rooms.

Popular wedding venue installations:

  • Outdoor Speakers 
  • Background music systems 
  • Ceremony PA systems with radio microphones and music playback
  • microphone and speaker systems for head table amplification 
  • Music playback system for dinner background music


Examples of Wedding Venue Installs