Wedding Event Equipment Ideas DIY

Many people decide to host their own wedding or organise their own suppliers.  This can save huge amounts of money from using specific suppliers but can add a bit of stress to the day if not correctly selected or organised.  Fortunately we’re here to help with our experience and carefully selected equipment for the job.

Battery Powered PA Systems

Our small and really easy to setup battery powered PA speakers are available in Black and white.  They’re a great speaker to have at a wedding, fitting in with the decor and not being over the top they’re good for audiences up to 100 people using 2 speakers.  

As they’re battery powered it’s one less cable to worry about people tripping over, used with speeches can last up to 20 hours without a recharge, or used up to 8 hours for a disco and first dance when connected to a bluetooth phone or laptop.  As they’re battery powered you can use them outside as long as it’s not raining and are a perfect compliment to outdoor ceremonies. 

Supplied in 2 small padded bags each system is self contained and slots together in a matter of seconds. Featuring an integrated battery and mixer the speaker this speaker is loaded with great features.

Perfect for weddings both during the ceremony inside or outside if dry and also for entertainment.  The speaker features a long battery life in excess of 20 hours (for speech) and can be charged while being used of necessary. Battery life depends on volume, for Disco level the quoted time is 8 hours


The mixer element of the speaker features jack instrument in for example to connect an active acoustic guitar to, a XLR combination jack socket for vocal or instrument microphone.  Additionally the speaker features bluetooth pairing to a phone, tablet or laptop with supported feature.

White battery powered portable pa speaker to rent in harlow
White battery powered portable pa speaker with inbuilt mixer for microphone and guitar input to rent in harlow
White battery speaker packed down
Black battery powered portable pa speaker to rent in harlow

Uplighting and Disco Lighting DIY for Weddings

Marquee theme lighting in blue using battery up lights

Room uplighting can transform a bland cream or white room with drapes into something magical.  Put your own colour theme into a room with no decoration and in virtually no time at all.  Our battery uplights can all run without mains power for up to 16 hours ensuring a quick easy and safe deployment of colour.  They can be set to virtually any colour thanks to the number of LED chips built in.  


Some cheaper LED units only feature red, green, blue – 3 base colours for mixing.  This gives a basic colour, but isn’t able to generate pastel colours.

Our LED uplights on the other hand have red,green, blue, amber, white, ultraviolet- 6 base colours,  this gives the edge to being able to generate all colours and a huge number of pastels and shades too. 

Battery Light Hire Catalogue

Disco Lighting

Simple disco lighting to liven up any dance floor.  The benefit of these systems is that they pack down into a small bag, everything is included and they’re just plug and play.  They pattern and colour change to the beat of the music and provide an instant disco mood. We have an array of moving lights too, but these need to be programmed and controlled needing an operator to be present which can be expensive.  

These LED lights are low power, cool to touch and depending on the light bar you either get bright colours flashing, or the multi bar provides a moonflower effect with laser dots and shapes. 

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