Vinyl Technics 1210 Speaker sub package

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Retro Vinyl Sound party system.  Everything needed for playing vinyl up to 100 people, 2x Technics 1210, Pioneer mixer, Active speakers and sub.

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With the return of vinyl, why just limit quality sound to your home? Hire our vinyl package for a totally retro party and rediscover quality far better than any streaming service!

Our package comes complete with 2 Technics 1210 decks fitted with Orfold Concord needles, a Pioneer DJM800 or equal mixing surface, a set of active speakers and an active sub.  This package is suitable for up to 100 people for a good disco level.  More subs can be added, and for the ultimate event and clarity in sound we can upgrade the speakers to a KV2 sound system at additional cost.

2x Active speakers on stands

1x Active subwoofer

2x Technics 1210 with Orfold Concord needles

1x Pioneer DJM mixer

All connection cables