ASL Talkback Backstage theatre cans (week hire)

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ASL comms / Theatre cans talkback intercom system with 5 headsets (4 belt packs) and power supply.  Supplied as a kit complete with 10x XLR 3 pin cables to plug in and work straight away.

Ideal hire for schools needing to talk to stage managers on stage and lighting operators.  Simple plug in and daisy chain the cables in and out to the beltpacks.

Professional standard design as found in theatres.

Hired on weekly basis

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ASL talkback theatre cans system enables technicians and crew to talk to each over at events to be able to hear cues and stage directions without disturbing the audience. Its is often referred to as a theatre cans system

The ASL system for talkback includes

4x   beltpacks – BS 15

1x  base station with AUX feed in and 2 channel operation with local headset connection

5x  headsets. – HS-2/D or Beyer DT108

10x 8m XLR is supplied but we can quote to supply as much as required in either 2m 8m or 20m single lengths, alternatively you can use normal 3 core XLR microphone cable.

The beltpacks wire together using standard microphone cable, or over cable snakes we can hire the cable and the system for school productions or in Halls without the system installed.

You may notice we offer 3 different headsets.  We’ve found different units are needed for different purposes, the HS/2 are ideal for sound engineers as they’re open backed and allow the sound to travel through, typically everybody else likes the standards DT108 and we have found the Peltor twin ear defender with earpiece and noise rejection microphone useful for on stage technicians or camera operators.

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