Crown GLM 200 Hanging Condenser microphone

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Crown GL200 condenser miniature microphone useful to hire for overhead use, for acoustic guitars as well as interviews and all instruments where the small capsule size is needed.

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The Crown® GLM or “Great Little Mic” is a miniature electret condenser microphone designed for professional recording and sound reinforcement. It offers the quality of large studio microphones, yet is nearly invisible in use. The GLM can be attached to an acoustic guitar, sax, flute or the performer’s face to allow freedom of movement.

It can be attached to drum rims to pick up a drum set without the unsightly clutter of boom stands. These attachments can be made using the included mounting hardware or tape. Used as a lavalier microphone, or hidden on a film set, the GLM disappears in use yet provides excellent sound quality.

The hypercardioid GLM-200 is the best choice if you need: Rejection of background noise, room acoustics, feedback, and sounds behind the microphone.


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