Shure Drum Microphone Set

Drum Microphone kit Shure

1x Shure Beta 52

3x Shure SM57

3x Rim Clip clamps

1x Flight case


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Shure drum kit starter package provides the essential to amplify drums either for on stage or for recording


The kit contains the following:


1x Shure Beta 52 kick drum

3x Shure SM57 mirophones

3x Rim clip attachments.


In addition to this kit we would recommend looking at the AKG C1000S for Hi hat, an addition Shure SM57 for the Snare on a rim clip, and 2x CAD1200 microphones for overheads.  Don’t forget also microphone stands, we have tall and heavy short stands.

Hire Catalogue Update August 2020-  Disregard prices and quantities during update.  Please contact us for hires, quantity and price enquiries.

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