Pub band/ small event PA system

Small Band PA hire

Category: Bands & Live music
Price: £180.00 (£150.00 + £30.00 tax)
Day +

A small typical 'Pub' band set-up size PA 

This small PA system is designed for your covers bands playing in pubs or local community centres with 3 microphones, and connection for background music via a 3.5mm headphone jack.  

 We can offer free set-up delivery and collection during office hours for this package within a 10mile radius of Harlow - subject to being free and bookings

This system features a top quality all Italian brand speakers, they are crystal clear and are so transparent it will sound like your performing without any speakers present.

2x Active speakers on stands

3x Wired microphones (shure) with stands

1x 3.5mm headphone jack to enable music to be played via Ipod, laptop, phone

1x small mixing desk

1x DI box for guitar connection 

2x Floor wedge monitors specifically designed for foldback 

 Jack for connection of an acoustic guitar to mixing desk

Active monitor speakers for foldback

Extra microphones


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