Installation & Maintanace

DIY Voice Bridge Monacor

Customer side of intercom through Perspex screen, provides clear speech through screen.

DIY through perspex Intercom. Voice Bridge Improve speech and Intelligebility easily & Quickly   DIY install. Sticky back adhesive, fully plug and play Echo Cancellation & Noise reduction Infra Red sensor automatically detects customer to start operation for 100% customer contact free use. Integrated microphones & Speakers to allow speech from […]

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Temperature Screening Pod Hikvision Thermal Imaging

thermal image head shot of a person showing temperature hotspots on face

Hikvision Thermal Screening pods DS-K5604A-3XF/V Hire / Buy When monitoring audience temperatures in large quantities you want something straightforward, simple and easy to operate.  The Hikvision thermal screening pod provides a super fast (<0.2seconds) forehead temperature reading and provides a simple green or red with audible warning sound for the […]

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Through Glass and Perspex Communication Systems

Through glass hearing induction loop installation with robust speakers outside and microphone

Through Glass and Perspex Communication Sound Systems There was a time when reception desks were open and speech could be clearly heard.  Today we’re faced with perspex and glass screens providing a separation of space, not for security but to prevent virus transmission.   Suddenly the clear transparent speech we once […]

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Background Music System Maintenance

Background Music System In need of maintenance

Background & Zone Sound System Maintenance Background music systems are used daily in bars, golf clubs, shops and restaurants.  When they’re working everything is good and they will run for many years without any issue.  Unfortunately many are installed into store rooms, with lots of dust and heat.  They’re never […]

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Reducing Echo in Meeting Room (Acoustic Control)

Acoustic Treatment, reducing Echo in meeting room Our customer approached us first to ask about installation of a hearing induction loop for their main meeting room.  They were experiencing complaints from both hearing aid users and non aid users.  Upon carrying out a site visit we experienced an incredibly acoustically […]

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Restaurant & Bar Entertainment System

Speakers for live music

Restaurant and Bar Sound, Lighting Installation Sound systems and lighting rigs vary considerably on the installation.  Speaker sizes and function are an important consideration in selecting the right system for a bar or restaurant.  There is also a huge difference in installations looking at a background music system in comparison […]

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Wedding Barn Venue Sound System Essex & Herts

Wedding venue speaker install

Wedding Venue Barn Sound System A well designed PA system used in wedding venues should be easy to operate by all staff, be discrete and provide ample quality and volume for announcements as well as ceremony music and background music for dinner. Our installation experience lets us choose speakers to […]

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Primary School Sound System Upgrade

Self Contained AV rack

Primary School Sound System Upgrade A common sight in Primary school sound and PA system installations into their main hall is that they are very fragmented.  Having had bits added year over year, a new teacher starts who knows a little, adds something, they leave people don’t understand things and […]

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Running Track and Athletics PA Install

running track sound system

Athletics & Running Track sound system When originally contacted by the customer we were asked to repair a broken aerial for their Athletics track sound system, when we arrived we found a very neglected system.  After speaking about the system and possible improvements we learned the system was actually requiring […]

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